The story of my transformation

Sandi Banks

Welcome to my new blog. I hope this story of my body transformation is inspirational to any one wanting to achieve weight loss, gain vitality and look years younger.

Back in 2011 sitting in my favourite spot by a big picture window overlooking my garden my son James who was sitting at the kitchen table near by, looked at me and said “Mum, you’ve got a really good figure but you’re a bit too big, you need to lose some weight.” Feeling affronted and annoyed I told him to leave me alone, but deep down I respected his honesty and knew that he said this because he cared about me. And I knew that he was right!

I had raised four sons, was very active and spent a lot of time working in my garden BUT I ate too much. I ate the big bulky meals which I cooked to fill up my sons and husband and sometimes I too would go back for seconds of lasagne as they usually did. I would often enjoy some cheese and crackers with a gin and tonic while I was preparing the evening meal and I also would have a sweet biscuit or two with my cuppa in front of TV in the evenings!! For a long time I wasn’t happy with my shape and didn’t like how I looked in my clothes. I knew that I had to make some drastic changes to my diet and add some serious exercise if I truely wanted to achieve weight loss, change my body shape and like what I saw in the mirror.

So I decided that if I was going to go ahead and do this that I would take it very seriously and SUCCEED! I told myself that “I will not fail!” I had lost some kilos a few years earlier by following the ‘Fit For Life’ diet publication by Harvey & Marilyn Diamond and adding power walking to my morning routine. So I could and would do it again. What I needed to get me going were two things – desire and determination – the desire for a slimmer figure and the determination to achieve it.

So having established with myself that I had the desire and the determination, I now needed to get started and so I implemented my strategy.

Strategy one: Accountability – to join a local gym and by chance a nice boutique gym had opened up quite close to my home, so I walked in one day and joined up.

Strategy two: Motivation – re-read ‘Fit For Life’, A book based on natural hygiene which involves food combining, foods to avoid/omit and when to eat certain foods. I read the book again and because the principles made so much sense to me boom I got my motivation!!

Strategy three: Routine – so I started off by signing up for two personal training sessions at my local gym each week, went for one and sometimes two 30 minute power walks at least five days of the week and changed my diet.

Strategy four: Commitment – I set my self a goal. I decided that I would lose 5 kilos. That was it. But what I achieved was a lot more …….

The above before and after images show a ‘bit too big’ me in 2011 on the left and a 13 kilo lighter, slimmer, toned, more vital, healthier, confident me in 2014.

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