I am going to talk about my experience and everyone is different. However weight training is great for most adult people at practically any age.

When I decided to start my serious weight loss and health journey I was an active person and was always very mindful of good nutrition. I walked, I worked in my big garden pushing the wheel barrow around and did all the other house hold chores one does with a large family. But I started to notice that my skin tone was declining, my neck appeared to be starting to sag a little and I had love handles on my back!

So I joined my local boutique gym and although I had been a member of a larger gym in the past, this time it was different. This was a lot more personal and fun.

In the beginning the sessions were quite intense for me as I was performing exercises which I hadn’t done before, using muscles I hadn’t used before and getting my heart rate higher than I had in years. My trainer made sure that I had correct form with every exercise so as not to incur any injuries and progressively gave me heavier weights as I became stronger. I looked forward to my training sessions, even though they were sometimes quite gruelling. The more I trained, the fitter I became and the more energy I had even though I was expending so much more energy – it was incredible! The endorphin surge after each session became addictive also.

With regular progressive overload during training sessions it didn’t take long before I started to achieve significant fat loss results with a considerable increase in muscle definition, known as ‘lean muscle mass’.

But that wasn’t all ………… as well as losing body fat and gaining nice muscle definition, I also gained more energy and vitality plus better skin tone. I actually looked years younger. The results were empowering and very confidence building.

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