This post is about the practices and actions I adopted ten years ago when committing to losing weight and keeping it off for good. I had come to the realisation that for me, weight loss required a few lifestyle changes and not a short term diet.

As they say, it takes three weeks to change a habit (at least) so initially it required a lot of focus to put new practices and regular actions into place, but with considerable determination and a goal in sight (I initially wanted to lose 5kg) I set the wheels in forward motion and never turned back.

These are 10 practices which I was ready, willing and able to adopt and do consistently:

  1. Avoid foods such as sweets and chocolates, sugary desserts, pizza, pasta, rice and all fried and processed take away meals.
  2. Stop eating all animal meat except fish; adopt a pescetarian diet (a vegetarian who eats fish). Increase consumption of leafy and cruciferous vegetables and other vegetables of all colours.
  3. Learn about Natural Hygiene (from a book called ‘Fit For Life’ by Harvey & Marilyn Diamond, a gift from my mother). This engaging 1985 publication taught me about the digestive benefits of correct food combining including the weight loss and health benefits of consuming only fresh juicy fruit on an empty stomach every morning until midday.
  4. Reduce meal portions and use smaller plates and bowls.
  5. Eat a carbohydrate dominant meal at lunchtime such as an avocado and salad wholegrain sandwich and a protein meal for dinner such as fish and steamed vegetables or a vegetable stir fry with tempeh or tofu.
  6. Eat nutrient dense afternoon snacks such as raw nuts, raw celery & carrot sticks with goats cheese, protein balls, a protein shake or plain Greek yogurt.
  7. Eat meals slowly and mindfully, stopping at 80% full.
  8. Find a personal trainer at a nearby gym and with help and encouragement, train three times a week.
  9. Walk for 30 minutes every day
  10. Find a yoga class and practice weekly.

Embracing the above strategy took a great deal of strength and focus so adopting a determined mindset was paramount.

Putting together a playlist of motivating music was one of the keys to my success at the gym. Getting lost in the rhythm and beat of my favourite tunes kept me going and pushed me past my fatigue on the cross trainer or a weight circuit session.

The many wonderful friendships and connections made on the gym floor; offering each other encouragement in a like minded community, made regular attendance something to look forward to.

The practices and lifestyle changes I adopted back then have remained a part of my life. They have worked well for me over the years enabling me to manage my weight and energy.

Finding what works for you to achieve your goals will most likely be experiential but hopefully sharing my journey may offer you some ‘food for thought’ and inspiration.

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