Eat to Shred, Nourish & Nurture


Enjoy fresh veggies and fruits in all the colours of the rainbow

This post is about sharing with you the foods which work for me. Foods that I digest quickly, supporting my energy needs while keeping my weight stable and unwanted kilos from creeping on. Around ten years ago, feeling confronted with the reality of entering my 50s, I changed my eating habits after spending my whole life eating pretty much everything, plus I realised I was overeating.

We are all different. Some people do well eating a diet that consists of mainly animal protein (meat), dairy, eggs, vegetables and grains. In contrast, others do better on a vegetarian diet of vegetables, legumes, nuts, and grains with added protein, including dairy and eggs. Some prefer a vegan diet which includes vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, grains and extra protein from tofu and tempeh. Then there are people like me who enjoy a pescetarian diet which includes fish (preferably wild or sustainably farmed), a small amount of dairy such as Greek yogurt, cheese and eggs, plus a large variety of vegetables and fruits, a few raw nuts, a small number of grains but no other animal meat.

Our nutrient requirements consider our basal metabolic rate (BMR) being the energy used by our bodies to function (our bodily systems such as respiration, digestion and the other systems that keep our bodies functioning). Plus, additional energy expenditure is necessary to perform our daily tasks to live; in our home environments, at work, at school or in other daily essential activities. People expend further energy daily or weekly for recreational exercises such as sports, fitness classes, dance, running, skiing, hiking, swimming, and other fun activities.

Our food requirements differ depending on our lifestyle.

The following list consists of the foods and meals I frequently enjoy to manage my energy and weight:


  • Fresh seasonal fruit FIRST THING
  • Fresh brewed coffee with full cream milk (I can’t start my day without it) ABOUT AN HOUR LATER
  • A protein shake consisting of (Healthy Chef) Organic Pea Protein, (Healthy Chef) Everyday Greens, (Healthy Chef) Turmeric Latte powder, Psyllium Husk and Coconut water MID MORNING


  • A slice or two of toasted bread with avocado and other toppings such as grated carrot, sliced beetroot and sprouts (sometimes I use thin mountain bread and make one or two roll-ups)
  • A cup of herbal tea with Marine Collagen. It disolves easily and you can’t taste it.


  • Greek yogurt (preferably sheep or goat milk yogurt) in a small bowl with a light sprinkle of raw nuts such as shaved almonds or macadamias AND/OR
  • A small amount of cheese on lite paleo type crackers
  • Herbal tea or Matcha green tea


  • Fresh fish, grilled or baked with steamed or stir-fried vegetables OR
  • Fresh pasta with a homemade vegetarian sauce is an occasional meal when I feel like something different. Using small bowls keeps the portion size down. I add grated Parmesan for extra yumminess! OR
  • Vegetable soup made with a homemade or quality store-bought stock (I actually use chicken stock) OR
  • Home-cooked fried rice including lots of vegetables and diced thin egg omelette


  • Herbal tea with 2 – 3 pieces of dark chocolate or a couple of homemade protein balls if I’m still hungry

The above list is what I generally eat most of the time. However, I love to go out for a meal or two each week at local restaurants with my partner and friends or invite friends to our home for dinner, and yes, I enjoy a couple of glasses of wine too!

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