Ten reasons to take a Long Brisk Walk

This post is about the many benefits of Power Walking

During the extended COVID lockdowns of ‘20 & ‘21, much of the populace escaped the confines of their four walls to the outdoors to move some muscles, breathe some fresh air, even with a face mask and get their heart rate up to feel good. It was a mass exodus, an instinctive need to get out of our caves, see other humans, enjoy the outdoors and move.

Because the lockdowns and travel distance curfews lasted for months, this helped many people establish new habits such as regular walking. However, it doesn’t take much to break a new habit when lifestyle or environment changes.

For those who are able, taking a regular LBW (long brisk walk) can offer benefits in so many ways.  Here is a list of 10 of my favourite for good health and wellbeing:

  1. Improve hip mobility & posture
  2. Improve cardiovascular health
  3. Improve respiration
  4. Improve elimination system
  5. Improve mood
  6. Improve cognition
  7. Improve confidence
  8. Increase metabolism to keep off excess weight
  9. Promote mindfulness – time to think, reflect, experience creative thinking or have time to be in the present moment (meditate)
  10. It doesn’t cost any money (apart from a pair of good walking shoes)

With lockdowns and curfews being in the past, many of us have returned to our old ways of driving our cars, sitting in restaurants, cafes, cinemas, airports and aeroplanes, on the couch or at our desks and for those of us in the depths of a cold southern hemisphere winter it’s even harder to get motivated to get up and out the door for a long brisk walk.

Here are ten tips for setting up and multitasking regular walking routines into your week:

  1. Walk to the grocery store to pick up a few daily necessities or ingredients for the evening meal
  2. If you don’t have a dog, walk a neighbour’s dog if they are at work during the day
  3. Walk to your favourite local cafe, enjoy some interaction with the staff, friends, neighbours and patrons and enjoy the walk back to your home or office
  4. Walk with your children or grandchildren to school
  5. Join a gym that is within walking distance
  6. Enjoy listening to your favourite music or podcast while out walking
  7. Walk to work or school
  8. Walk around your city botanical garden, taking in the natural aromatherapy of the fragrant flora
  9. Walk to and around your local park or sports ground and also watch a local weekend sports match
  10. Take up golf and walk the course

Regular walking and enjoying outdoor time is beneficial for people of all ages and a habit that will stand you in good stead throughout your life.

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