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About Us

Nourish Fit 365 is about healthy bodies, from the inside out, every day of the year.
My focus is to help you establish sustainable eating and exercise habits and turn
your life around so that you can be the best version of yourself every day, 365
days a year.

weight loss, more energy, strength, muscle definition, reducing stress and cortisol
levels, reducing medications and blood sugar levels, reducing inflammation,
improving your sleep or all of the above.

About us


Since I can remember, I have always enjoyed physical activity, including gym classes, tennis, golf, swimming, walking, and gardening.

Becoming a mother in my mid-twenties became a significant part of my life, supporting my (then) husband in our construction business and helping to renovate two properties. Taking care of our four children, working part-time, extended family commitments and friends left little time for my wellness needs.

In 2011 when the youngest was in year 11 at school, I finally found time and motivation to focus on my fitness and health, particularly my weight. Over the years, I slowly gained extra weight to the point where I felt flabby, tired and lacked vitality. As a lover of design and fashion, I wanted to look and feel confident in my clothes.

I knew the weight loss wouldn’t be easy, but I made up my mind with a steely determination to succeed.

I joined a recently opened local boutique gym where I revelled in my trainer’s friendly support and encouragement and new friendships with people wanting to improve their fitness and health.

After settling into the rhythm of attending the gym consistently, I realized that if I wanted to lose a significant amount of weight, my goal was 5kg, I would need to modify my diet. I changed my food preference to primarily vegetarian, adding fish, eggs and yogurt for added protein and significantly reduced my meal portions.

The weight started ‘falling off’, and my muscle mass developed with consistent weekly weight training, long cardio workouts and adherence to my new nutrition plan.

I surpassed my goal of losing 5kg and, within a few months, lost 13 kilos or 20 per cent of my body weight. I transformed my post-baby-bearing body into a sculpted, lean, younger version of myself.

I felt a new lease of life; the more I exercised, the more energy I gained. My skin improved, and I no longer suffered from tiredness, hay fever and dermatitis symptoms. The transformation boosted my confidence and made me feel empowered.

I had reached a turning point where I wanted to help people like me turn their lives around through exercise and nutrition and enjoy better health and wellness. I became a personal trainer in 2014 and continued my learning, obtaining certificates in yoga, pilates, corrective exercises and nutrition coaching.

Over the years, I have had the pleasure and privilege of helping women and men transform their bodies with carefully planned exercises and nutrition coaching. Running my Port Melbourne boutique fitness studio for seven years has given me the pleasure of helping a fantastic community of people seeking guidance, inspiration and support.

Going forward, I am excited to share my fitness, wellness, weight loss and lifestyle tips, knowledge and experience with you, the reader, offering ideas, encouragement and inspiration to transform your body, mind and life.


I will work with you and support you through a systematic process, aligning your identity and values with your goals and building on the skills you already have to establish new habits.

With ongoing support throughout your coaching journey, using discovery based approaches and frameworks, with my guidance, you will identify your own existing resources, values, strengths and capabilities and then use those to build sustainable skills and daily life behaviors to reach your goals. Using evidence and a deep health model that will help you to thrive in all aspects of your life so as to transform your life and not just your habits.


Physical fitness is an essential part of our general sense of wellness. I offer tailored programs of weight and resistance training for strength, stability and well defined muscles, Pilates for core strength and alignment and Yoga for balance and flexibility.


Regular exercise is good for mental health as it promotes all kinds of changes in the brain and releases endorphins. Endorphins are powerful chemicals in your brain that help you to feel energised and uplift your mood. Expending energy during a personal training session or a group class can also increase the metabolism (rate that calories are burned) which can also elevate the phenomenon known as ‘excess post-exercise oxygen consumption’ EPOC or the Afterburn Effect, after an exercise session ends, which can contribute to weight loss.