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How To Stay On Track With a
Healthy Lifestyle

How to stay on track with a healthy lifestyle sounds simple enough, but if we don’t keep our hands on the ‘steering wheel,’ we can find ourselves going off course before we know it.


Living a healthy lifestyle can be interpreted by people in various ways. But generally speaking, a healthy lifestyle refers to well-balanced nutritious meals, moderate to light alcohol consumption, daily exercise and a solid night’s sleep.


Keeping our attention fixated on the ‘Health Highway’ can be difficult when so many distractions can send us off course.


And by the way, it’s ok to steer off course and enjoy a Sunday afternoon High Tea or a Pizza and Wine night, so long as there is a strategy to get back on track.


So using your favourite calendar and document apps, or if you prefer penning a diary, here are some ideas to stay motivated when you feel yourself steering off course:


1. Schedule a weekly event (or a few) to do some exercise, such as swimming, social tennis, a Pilates Class or a Spin Class.

2. Find a Personal Trainer who you connect with and book one or two sessions each week.

3. Find a Nutrition Coach to help steer you on your path to reaching your outcome goals.

4. Find and download a food and exercise app to count calorie intake and expenditure.

5. Create a menu and a shopping list for the coming week’s home-cooked dinners.

6. Perform a kitchen make-over and throw out unhealthy processed foods.

7. Create a calming sleep sanctuary to encourage better sleep.

8. Talk to family and friends about your goals and encourage them to join you.

9. Visualise and write down the person you want to be and pin it to a vision board.

10. Focus on one small action at a time and cheer yourself on as you slowly form new habits.


Most people cannot sustain motivation if they don’t establish “their why” for losing weight and enjoying better health and wellness. If we don’t find a profound underlying reason ‘why,’ then we are more likely to lose incentive, give up and revert to past habits.


With so many temptations these days, it’s more important than ever to be motivated to stay on track with a healthy lifestyle. It’s natural for most of us to want to take the path of least resistance. We may think it takes less effort to order meal delivery or eat out, but with some planning, preparing home-cooked meals can be fun, rewarding, delicious and less time-consuming than waiting for a meal.


1. We know what ingredients are in the food we are eating

2. We can more easily control our meal portions

3. We can enjoy the money we save


Whatever methods we choose to help us to stay on track with a healthy lifestyle, we must remember to enjoy the journey, find fun in the things we do, maintain a growth mindset and praise ourselves for our positive actions.