Nourishfit365 Wonder Workout - Sandi

Daily Ten-Minute Wonder Workout

Completing a Daily Ten-Minute Wonder Workout regularly will help to address the loss of muscle tone and poor circulation and potentially reduce bat wing arms, love handles and saddle bag buttocks for people over fifty.

As most of us are busy with work commitments, family life, community meetings, social engagements, grocery shopping, meal preparation, housework and so on, finding the time to do a targeted exercise session isn’t always easy.

If you are super busy, moderately busy or enjoying some laid-back time, going to the gym twice a week may not be your thing.

Suppose you would like to improve muscle definition and skin tone. In that case, it is important to regularly and consistently target muscles with the correct exercises to notice improvements and enjoy more strength and energy.

Scheduling a daily ten-minute Wonder Workout into your calendar will help to establish this worthwhile habit.

How to make this new practice achievable

Set aside a time of day that fits your daily schedule and lock it in

Find a clear space in your home where you can freely move around.

Use a thick gym mat for hard floor surfaces and have a thin cushion or towel nearby to relieve pressure for tender joints

If possible, purchase a Fit Ball and a set of resistance bands.

Read on for some fundamental exercises that will help to strengthen and define muscles in four areas of your body

and twenty repetitions. Repeat the set of four exercises one or two more times

Arms and Upper Body:

    1. Push Ups at the wall
    2. Push Ups on the floor in kneeling plank or full plank
    3. Tricep Dips at a bench
    4. Bicep Curls using a resistance band for resistance or dumbbells
    5. Seated upright row with a resistance band anchored behind the feet
    6. Straight Arm Pull with a resistance band anchored firmly


    1. Ab Crunch with knees bent and feet on the floor
    2. Sit Ups with feet on the floor or elevated on a bench
    3. Bicycle Crunches
    4. Roll Backs, taking arms overhead as you imprint each vertebra on the mat
    5. Heal Taps on your back
    6. Reverse Crunch


    1. Bridge
    2. Bridge with one leg raised
    3. Leg Lift with the knee bent in a kneeling position
    4. Leg Lift with a straight leg in a kneeling position
    5. Side Leg Raise in a kneeling position
    6. Leg lift lying on the belly


    1. Squats
    2. Wide Leg Squat
    3. Forward Lunges
    4. Side Lunges
    5. Standing Knee Raise
    6. Step Ups on a bench

I hope you feel inspired to get started with your Daily Ten-Minute Wonder Workout. If every day seems too much, try doing your workout three times per week.

It is essential to set up for each exercise mindfully, checking for correct alignment and completing the movements carefully. Stop any training which you feel is causing you pain or discomfort.