Nourishfit365 Positive Practices - Sandi

Prioritise Positive Practices

Prioritising positive practices can help to set us up for a happy day. So what are positive practices? They are practices that are memorable, enjoyable, mood-enhancing, and optimistic.


Positive practices performed regularly help maintain a sense of wellness.

Apart from the necessary daily actions, such as showering, oral care, dressing, housekeeping and so on, there are other practices we can perform most days that help to establish a good head space for our busy days.

Positive practices become happy habits. They are actions that involve doing things for ourselves and each other

My partner and I are in the habit of preparing a serving of fresh fruit and herbal tea for the other first thing in the morning, depending on who wakes up first. We enjoy citrus fruits when in season or other juicy fruit such as pineapple, watermelon and summer stone fruits. Eating fresh fruit on an empty stomach first thing in the morning is something I learned about many years ago when my mother gave me a book on a natural eating program (Fit For Life by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond).

My next daily habit when I descend the stairs to the kitchen early in the morning is making an espresso coffee. The health benefits of coffee are debatable, yet my daily habit of drinking freshly brewed coffee in the morning is something that brings joy to my senses and gives me a ‘kick start’ for the day

Creating a sense of occasion can be an uplifting highlight of the day

I enjoy making a pot of aromatic herbal tea in the afternoon, using a favourite teapot and cup. Pouring the tea from the pot into the aesthetically pleasing cup, smelling the aromas and then sitting down and sipping the warm tea is comforting and calming.

The concept of prioritising positive practices is like enjoying the simple pleasures in life regularly. These habits help us to establish our identity and values, which then can help us find purpose, meaning, motivation and a sense of wellness.

Take time to practice mindfulness and think about the practices and small daily actions that make you and those around you feel good.