Nourishfit365 Weight Loss - Sandi

A Positive Mindset for Weight-loss

The decision to lose weight and transform your body shape can be very daunting. Establishing a positive mindset for weight-loss will enable you to enjoy the journey towards your goals. After making the mental commitment, you then need to take the first step towards your goal.

Don’t be daunted or put off.  With an enthusiastic and fun mindset towards exercise and healthy nutrition, your fitness, health and weight loss journey can be a positive experience.

First, set yourself an achievable goal.  Maybe you would ultimately like to lose 10 kilos (22 pounds) or more, but start with a mindset of losing a smaller amount, say 5 kilos, and mentally picture how you would look and feel when you reach that goal.

Think about why you want to reach your goal—establishing the ‘why’ will give your goal purpose and keep you motivated and on track.

Create a vision board

A vision board is a great way to see what you hope to do and achieve in the future. A pinboard or a magnetic whiteboard can be great for this task, or create one on your computer or tablet. Place it where you will see it every day and add a Postcard to yourself of how you want to look and feel in, for instance, 6 to 12 months.

Establish your exercise routine

Choose one type of exercise program that you can do to launch your new fitness and weight-loss regimen. Something which will fit in with your busy work and life schedule. Maybe a forty-five-minute power walk would work for you in the mornings or a bike ride if you have a nearby bike path. Add this activity to your calendar as a recurring event, like an appointment with yourself.

Stack an activity

Think of an added activity that will help to make your exercise routine something to look forward to. Listening to your favourite music, an informative podcast or exercising with a friend or a group of friends. Group exercise is a great way to make new friends and broaden your social circle.


Record your eating in a food journal for a week or two

Consider making one or two likely changes to your diet as a starting point. Does your diet include a lot of sugar? You could start by eliminating refined sugar. Are your meal portions large, and do you go back for seconds? Try reducing your meal portions by using smaller plates and bowls, and stop yourself from eating a second portion.

If you decide to eliminate some foods from your meals, such as sugar, refined grains or red meat, notice how you feel after a couple of weeks without eating these things.  Do you feel lighter, have more energy or notice improvements in your skin?  Positive changes after modifying your diet will give you an incentive to stay focused on your goal.

Invest in some bathroom scales. Although weighing yourself isn’t essential as you will notice changes in the fit and feel of your clothes, checking your weight regularly is a great way to measure your progress. It can be gratifying to see the number on the scale reduce over time.

Rediscover forgotten clothes

When you notice significant changes to your body, do a wardrobe overhaul. This doesn’t necessarily mean spending money on new clothes. You may find clothes in your closet that you haven’t been able to wear for years that will now fit you again. I think of this as ‘going shopping’ in your bedroom. It can be so exciting to discover items at the bottom of the drawers which are ‘as new’, still current and fit!